Student Support


Two types of scholarships are available for the Japan-Expert Program

  • Tsukuba Scholarship【¥50,000/month】
  • Imagawa FUTURE Fund Scholarship【¥80,000/month and additional ¥50,000 (only one time) to cover preparation cost only for the first year.】 (Support only for international students in the Healthcare Course)

Note: Not every student who wants to receive these scholarships can receive them.   Please prepare money for tuition and living expenses on your own.

The International Students’ Guidebook offers information about scholarships and student life, and is distributed to all international students enrolled at the university.


◆Student Payment

Estimate yearly school expenses  Total:¥837,800

●Enrollment Fee:¥282,000
●Tuition Fee:¥267,900 (second-semester portion for October to March)
Note: First-semester tuition for April to September: ¥267,900
●National Health Insurance (per year): ¥20,000


◆Student Residence Halls

Accommodation in the student residence hall is available if desired. If a student taking admission in the Japan-Expert Program of 2017 wishes to reside in a student dormitory, he or she will live in the Global Village, which will become operational in April 2017. The monthly rent is 35,800 Yen, and the residents have to pay monthly utility fees.