What is my affiliation if I enroll in the Japan Expert Program?

The Japan Expert Program is the general term for training programs (courses) offered by existing schools and colleges within the university system that are designed to provide the same kind of specialized training. As such, you will be affiliated with the school or college that is offering the course of the Japan-Expert Program you enroll in.

Japan Expert Program course of studies Student affiliation
Agricultural Science Course College of Agro-Biological Resource Sciences, School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Healthcare Course School of Nursing, School of Medicine and Medical Sciences
Japanese Art and Design Course School of Art and Design
Japanese Language Teacher Training Course College of Japanese Language and Culture, School of Humanities and Culture

What is the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test?

An examination to measure and certify the Japanese-language skills of people whose native language is not Japanese. This test is jointly administered by the Japan Foundation and Japan Educational Exchanges and Services, and is divided in order of degree of difficulty into levels N1 through N5. The required proficiency level for this program are as follows:
Agricultural Science Course → N3
Healthcare Course → N3
Japanese Art and Design Course → N3
Japanese Language Teacher Training Course → N2

Are there any classes held in English?

In general, all classes under this program are taught in Japanese. It is possible, however, to obtain permission to attend English-language program classes.

Is it possible to take classes in other courses?

Yes. You may study other courses and even take classes at other schools or colleges.
Note, however, that graduation requirements are a priority, so please be sure to receive guidance from your professors, etc. before registering for classes outside your course of study.

Where should I get information about my studies and student life?

The Japan Expert Program has a program coordinator and a Japanese-language training coordinator. Please consult these two first. The respective coordinators will be introduced during orientation.
Note that studies will be focused on the respective major subjects of each course after completion of intensive Japanese-language training. You should always consult the faculty in charge of the classes or program staffs at your affiliated school or college.

Can I take classes with Japanese students?

Yes you can study with Japanese students.
Japan-Expert students study Japanese language intensively for the first 6 months after admission.
After that, students can take various classes, according to their affiliated school or college.
In these classes, you will study with Japanese undergraduate students.

I am not sure if I am eligible for the entrance exam or not.

Please be sure to access our web page Entrance examination information and inquire with an ONLINE INQUIRY FORM before you apply for the entrance exam.