Healthcare Course

Bachelor degree

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare

Learn about the latest in medical care and caregiving through hands-on experience

Making good use of the university’s distinctive features, interdisciplinary learning with faculty members and students from other colleges is offered concurrently with insights into Japanese culture through liberal arts and other curricula. Particularly in major subjects’ on-campus seminars, active clinical nurses and other professionals are invited to train students to handle the latest technology to ensure that theory and practice do not diverge. Practical experience in Japan is provided through internships, and opportunities for learning are created in particular through coordination with University of Tsukuba Hospital so that students experience the latest in healthcare.

Educational Philosophy

Our goal is to give students an academic grounding in healthcare so that in addition to their understanding of their own countries’ cultures, manners and customs they can take on roles as planners and administrators, as well as healthcare technology developers or engage in education or research. Note that this course is not designed to provide nursing qualifications, but rather to train people to be leaders in the healthcare policy.

Career Paths

Health care sector planners and administrators; researchers and educators; development technicians at health management sector companies; enrollment in graduate school, etc.


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