Agricultural Science Course

Bachelor degree

Bachelor of Agricultural Science

Acquire agriculture and forestry skills in Japan, which has sophisticated technology

The course will train students to understand and disseminate the agriculture and forestry technology of Japan—which possesses world-leading food production, energy conservation and environmental preservation methods—to the world. Students will also gain the basic expertise and specialization to help resolve global issues related to primary industries, and be able to play roles in Japan and overseas in international technical cooperation, using Japan’s cutting-edge technologies. We are also striving to train people who will be immediately ready to enter international corporations and related industries within Japan by providing them with Japanese language training at a level that makes employment in Japan feasible.

Educational philosophy

Our goal is to provide students with agronomic expertise related to biological resources—the foundations of human existence and safe, affluent lifestyles— while they acquire specialized expertise with local as well as global perspectives pertaining to agriculture and forestry, as well as the communication skills and ability to understand different cultures required for overseas cooperation related to agriculture and forestry. Further, we provide training that imbues people with broad, rich character, particularly the ethics related to agriculture and forestry, and foster individuality and enthusiasm for learning.

Career Paths

Researchers or technicians in the agriculture and forestry sectors; farming or agricultural instructors in Japan or other countries; international companies and related industries; enrollment in graduate school, etc.


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