Message from Students

Agricultural Science Course


I am interested in conducting research on agriculture and living organisms. I think that the education philosophy of the College of Agro-biological Resource Sciences of the University of Tsukuba is brilliant compared to other universities in Japan conducting research on biology. The reason why I chose the Agricultural Science Course of the Japan-Expert Program is that it provides us the opportunity to research on agriculture and biological resources. After entering the university, I had a lot of trouble because of my poor Japanese skills. However, my teachers were kind and they encouraged and helped me. Why don’t you study in the University of Tsukuba with us?

Healthcare Course


The primary reason why I chose the University of Tsukuba is that I believe my dream in the future will come true through student life in this university.
The first time I went to the Kanto region was for an interview. I was so unsure but when I got to the University of Tsukuba, I grew enormously fond of the atmosphere, environment, etc. and I relished the idea of living here.
After entering the university, it was hard to communicate with a lot of international students and Japanese students. However, I became accustomed to university life as I was acclimated to it gradually. In addition, my teachers and tutor took care of me so that I can study with a sense of ease.

Art and Design Course

Gehrke Anne (Germany)

I applied for this program because I’m interested in art theory and practice. Tokyo is nearby, and in the University of Tsukuba, there are a lot of international students and various schools so that it’s a good university to study.
The most important thing is that I do my best as one of the first students of the Japan-Expert Program because the program has just started.
I’m busy now attending many Japanese classes. However, I’m glad to get the best support as the class size is small.

Japanese Language Teacher Training Course


Enter the Japanese Language Teacher Training Course if you want to know Japanese, study in Japanese and teach Japanese!
I am intensively studying Japanese at the moment. To attend classes of one of the colleges from next academic year, I am preparing with my teachers. I am not only learning and attending classes in Japanese but also physical education and English for half a year of this Japanese intensive course. My current university life is more enjoyable than I imagined and I am enriched by learning something productive.
Thet Thet Zaw (Myanmar)

I belong to the College of Japanese Language and Culture of the Japan-Expert Program at the moment. The Japan-Expert Program is characterized by students being able to intensively study Japanese for the first 6 months unlike the programs of other universities. As teachers support not only classes but also can be consulted from different aspects to become accustomed to university life, I do not think students have to worry. Classes could be hard but there are fun things to do in the University of Tsukuba. For example, students can be involved in clubs and volunteer activities.
We can make a lot of friends who are Japanese students or international students so that we can communicate with them beyond nationalities.
Students can learn different cultures and languages. I feel that it is a place where one can realize one’s dream for the future by doing things that suits one’s taste.

Wishing to specialize in the arts and sciences, I enrolled at the University of Tsukuba as a student of the Japan-Expert Program. There are different courses in the Japan-Expert Program and students can choose courses depending on their purpose.
Intensive Japanese Language courses (for six months) can improve our Japanese skills. We can study hard in a good environment provided by the university that will enable us to concentrate on studying.
We can communicate with many people from various countries and I’m having a productive university life at Tsukuba.